Workshop Aquafarm2019The 3rd edition of the international conference and exhibition AQUAFARM was held on 13-14 February 2019 in Pordenone near Venice, Italy. The conference and trade show were dedicated to aquaculture, algaculture, shellfish farming and the fish industry within Europe, with the focus on the Italian aquaculture sector. Novel farm, an international conference and trade show for innovative growing systems, soilless and vertical farming, also took place in parallel.

This meeting of the Italian aquaculture sector also hosted a workshop “Central and Eastern Europe: A hub for freshwater aquaculture”, which was co-organised by the International Organisation for the Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Europe (EUROFISH) and the Italian Aquaculture Association (API).

“Central and Eastern Europe plays an important role in the cultivation of pond-farmed species such as common carp and in the provision of environmental services as a result of this production, while in Italy freshwater farming is synonymous with rainbow trout”, said Pier Antonio Salvador, the President of API in his opening speech. Aina Afanasjeva, Director of EUROFISH highlighted the need to raise awareness about freshwater aquaculture in general and the significance of its role in Central and Eastern Europe.

The conference programme was split into a session on production practices and another on commerce, communication and consumption. Ten speakers from Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania provided insights into the latest developments and trends and shared their countries’ best practices of freshwater aquaculture. Presentations examined a variety of topics: farming of traditional and emerging species, development of regional trade, consumer perceptions of aquaculture products, development of value-added products from freshwater aquaculture, and promotion of aquaculture products. The event was attended by over 50 participants.


Presentations from the Workshop

Below are the presentation from the workshop as PDF files.

Evolution of pond aquaculture in Central and Eastern Europe
Catalin Platon, ROMFISH

The underestimated pond aquaculture: values and opportunities
Béla Halasi-Kovács, HAKI

Trout farming: current practice and future development
Esben Holm, APEHCO, Denmark

African catfish aquaculture in Hungary
Peter Lengyel, Ministry of Agriculture

Farming of emerging species in Estonia
Tuuli Teppo, Ministry of Rural Affairs

Regional trade overview and consumer perceptions
Ekaterina Tribilustova, EUROFISH

Added value products development
Tomasz Kulikowski, Polish Fish Market Development Association

Implementation of the initiative „Farmed in the EU“ in Lithuania
Agnė Razmislavičiūtė – Palionienė, Ministry of Agriculture

Aquaculture research in Latvia
Marcis Zingis, Aquaculture Research and Education Centre

Benefits of certification for aquaculture producers in Europe
Victoria Chomo, FAO REU