Eva Kovacs

International expert on inland fisheries and aquaculture FAO REU

Eva Kovacs received a Master’s Degree in the Department of Aquaculture at Szent Istvan University, Godollo, where she also worked for seven years as a researcher and as part of the management team. She joined FAO in 2010 and she works for the Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia in Budapest as an international expert on inland fisheries and aquaculture. During her nine years with FAO her work has been mainly concentrated on countries in Southern and Eastern Europe as well as in Central Asia. She has experience in technical aspects of different fish production methods (eg pond fish production, cage cultures, RAS technology etc), data and information collection on inland fisheries and aquaculture and related areas, and aquaculture management plan preparation at different levels. She acted as trainer in several training courses, including hands-on workshops, and authored and co-authored scientific publications and training materials in different areas of aquaculture.