Fabio Massa

Senior Aquaculture Officer General Fisheries Commission for Mediterranean (GFCM)

Fabio Massa is a Senior Aquaculture Officer at the General Fisheries Commission for Mediterranean (GFCM) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). He has expertise in marine aquaculture and fishery lagoon management, having more than 35 years of an extensive experience on scientific cooperation, in project management. He coordinated and contributed national and international projects in Mediterranean and Central America in capture fisheries and aquaculture. For FAO he served as Coordinator of the FAO Aquaculture Training of the Regional Project MEDRAP. He served as Project Coordinator of the FAO Regional Project AdriaMed and MedSudMed for several years in which he had the overall responsibility for the planning, implementation and technical operations including the supervision and technical support of research and cooperation activities several region in Mediterranean. He also taught and acted as trainer in numerous training courses and seminars on aquaculture and fisheries. He has authored and co-authored of many scientific works on capture fisheries and aquaculture published in international magazines.