Giuseppe Prioli

A.M.A. - Associazione Mediterranea Acquacoltori

Giuseppe is a marine biologist with experience in the fishing and aquaculture sector. Since 1986 it has followed the evolution of shellfish farming, with particular reference to the development of offshore facilities. During this period he conducted numerous studies on the breeding of bivalve mollusks, with particular reference to the mussel and oysters, and on the assessment and management of natural clam banks. He also contributed to the production of statistical surveys on the Italian shellfish production sector. Since 2007 he is representative for shellfish farmers, first in the "Emilia-Romagna Mussel Growers Consortium", then in AMA - Mediterranean Association of Farmers and since February 2016 at EMPA - European Mollusks Producers Association. He is currently a member of the EU Aquaculture Advisory Council.