Graham Mair


Graham is an internationally recognized science leader in the seafood industry. He spent the early part of his professional career working in aquaculture development leading a range of R&D projects focused on application of genetics in aquaculture, based in South-east Asia and working mostly with carps and tilapias. Graham moved to South Australia in 2004 to take up a faculty position at Flinders University but soon found himself seconded out to the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre as Programme Manager for Seafood Production Innovation working across all the major seafood sectors in Australia. Graham is most comfortable working at the interface between the research provider and the end user and focuses on the delivery of tangible outputs and outcomes. Graham obtained his doctoral degree from the University of Wales and later in his career earned an MBA from the University of South Australia. He has also been very active in the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) and has served on the Boards of both the Society and its Asia Pacific Chapter and was the President of WAS 2013-2015. Graham joined FAO in March 2018 and his main responsibility it to lead the strategic programme on Aquatic Genetic Resources.