Marco Gilmozzi

President Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP), General Manager of COSA srl

Marco Gilmozzi has since 1983 been the President and General Manager of COSA srl, one of the oldest Mediterranean fish farms located in Orbetello, Tuscany Region (Italy), producing bass and bream for more than 40 years and cofounder of PO Orbetello Aquaculture and COOPAM scrl.

He has a degree in Biology - discussing a thesis in aquaculture - from the University La Sapienza of Rome. During his degree, he founded COBIMAR, a company specialised in the Mediterranean aquarium sector. After his degree, he worked as a researcher in the fishery sector at the Marine Biology Laboratory in FANO.

Marco is President of the FEAP (Federation of European Aquaculture Producers) since 2016 and Vice-President of the API (Associazione Piscicoltori Italiani)