Marco Fuselli

Owner Produttori Ittici Trevigiani and Az. Agr. Rio Fontane

Marco holds a degree in Economics and Business from the University of Ca ’Foscari in Venice. He is owner of PIT (Produttori Ittici Trevigiani) and Az. Agr. Rio Fontane, Italian aquaculture enterprises.

Marco Fuselli represents the fruit of a generational continuity born in the 50's, when his grandfather, Bortolo Salvador, decided to undertake aquaculture sector.

The core business of Marco’s Enterprises are freshwater farming (Az. Agr. Rio Fontane) and processing of trout (PIT Enterprise). After completing his studies, Marco immediately entered the family business Az. Agr Rio Fontane, dealing with the nascent fish processing business. In 2008 Marco became co-founder of PIT company of which he is still the owner and managing director. He is a Member of the API Board at his third mandates.