Miguel Sepulveda

Responsible for the Seaweed Mariculture Projects SELT MARINE GROUP

Miguel Sepulveda was born on May 14th 1967 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is a Marine Biologist and Master Degree at University Federal Fluminense – UFF, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil and specialist in Seaweed Farming. He has developed several projects of Seaweed Farming in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Caribbean working also as Consultant Seaweed Resources and their uses for Industry. Has published some papers on mariculture of seaweed besides author of several governmental projects. In these countries it has been able to implement Seaweed Mariculture programs for fishing communities and private companies. Currently he is responsible for the Seaweed Mariculture Project at SELT MARINE GROUP at Tunisia, Mozambique and Zanzibar.