Sinan Toplu

Co-founder ASC Aquaculture JSC

Sinan Toplu graduated from Istanbul University Aquaculture Engineering in 1994 as the first and had his Msc in Marine Culture in 1997. He has twenty five years experience in Mediterranean Aquaculture fishery. Within this 25 years he worked for the biggest Aquaculture Companies in Turkey such as Kilic and Agromey, and in addition he provided consultancy for both domestic and International companies fish production. He had his MBA from Izmir University in 2016. By means of his vision and talents in technology, for the all companies he worked. He had created business and investment plans on fish farming, fin fish hatcheries, fish feed factories and the packing & processing facilities and created fully traceable monitoring and supervising systems. Now he is managing his own company ASC Aquaculture JSC that targets to help profitable cultivation by developing effective, economic, environmentally-friendly production control systems and strategies created specifically for all stages of production.