Marina Piria

Head of Department
University of Zagreb

Marina Piria graduated in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, Croatia. At the same University she obtained PhD in Fisheries in 2007. From 2017 she works as full professor at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture. From 2018 she acts as head of Department of fisheries, beekeeping, game management and spec. zoology at the same University. She is involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate studies in several subjects related to fisheries, ichthyology and freshwater fish ecology and biology. Her main topic of research is fish ecology and biology with focus on invasive and non-native fish species. She gained experience at several institutions abroad; recently, at Massey University she was involved in New Zealand fish monitoring studies. Currently she is involved in several scientific projects related to fish invasiveness. She is elected member of EIFAAC/FAO Technical and scientific committee (2013 – now). She has published 36 WoS core collection scientific papers and more than 80 other publications as: Scopus sci papers, monographies, congress papers and abstracts and technical studies.