Marq Redeker

Business Development Manager
CDM Smith Consult, Germany

Marq is a Civil Engineer, specialized in water management and hydraulic engineering, with 22 years international work experience in river basin management and consultancy for public and private clients. His special interests include fish passage, river restoration and flood risk management. In 2003 Marq completed a post-graduate MBA-level degree in Business Engineering with a thesis on an economic analysis according to the EU Water Framework Directive.
Marq has been involved in water management strategies and water policy issues. He’s been engaged in the development of fish passage best practice guidelines since 2002. In 2014 he assumed the chairmanship of the Expert Committee on Fishways of the German DWA.
Marq joined CDM Smith in 2016. His responsibilities include development and expansion of CDM Smith’s national and international water business and services portfolio, implementation of strategic concepts, and provision of technical expertise and peer reviews.