Mimoza Cobani

Fisheries and aquaculture specialist

Mimoza is a fisheries and aquaculture specialist from the Albania. Having completed her master’s focusing on “Poly-culture in fish farming” at the start of the 1980’s, Mimoza has worked for nearly 40 years in the government and private sector. For the last 20 years Mimoza has been working for Albanian ministries. She has worked in the Fishery and Aquaculture Inspectorate for 15 years and been a Fishery and Aquaculture expert. During that time, Mimoza has worked on several publications for the FAO. Although she is now retired, Mimoza is still an expert consultant for local projects focusing on fisheries and aquaculture. Mimoza is also an active member of several boards including the National Focal Point of FAO-SIPAM and of the National Focal Point of AdriaMed programme.