Radu Suciu

Sturgeon conservation consultant
DSTF and IAD Romania

Radu Suciu retired in year 2018 as senior researcher from the Danube Delta National Institute (DDNI). He graduated fishery and aquaculture engineering, in 1976, with a PhD in fish genetics from Lower Danube University of Galati, in 2005, and has worked with applied aspects of fish breeding and fish ecology since then. He was the founder of the Sturgeon Research Group (SRG) at DDNI, in 1994. As CITES Scientific Authority for Sturgeons of Romania, the SRG of DDNI was the main scientific adviser of the Romanian Ministries of Agriculture and Environment on sturgeon fishery and conservation management during 2001 – 2018. His main interests and competence are within genetics, migration behaviour and habitat use of early life stages and adult Danube sturgeon. Most recently (2018) Radu was involved in training of students and field surveys of spawning and nursery sites of sturgeons in the Rioni River, Georgia.