Polfish2017POLFISH (www.polfishfair.pl) is the only International Fair of Seafood Processing and Products in Poland which takes place every second year. In 2015, the fair attracted nearly 6.000 visitors from 18 European countries.

This year Eurofish International Organisation is offering the companies from its Member Countries the opportunity to exhibit at the trade show and to promote your products and services through the Business Platform, organised at the Eurofish joint stand, in co-operation with MTG SA Gdansk International. Exhibiting at Eurofish Business Platform is free.

The Business Platform aims to facilitate meetings and dialogue between exhibitors and visitors alike, through providing a place where companies can meet and talk with potential business partners.

Please visit us in Hall A, Booth 36


List of exhibitors at Eurofish Business Platform:

EurofishEurofish International Organization
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 44-46
DK 1553 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Tel.: +45 333 777 55
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Eurofish is an international organisation established to assist the development of fisheries and aquaculture in Central and Eastern Europe focusing on the post-harvest sector. Eurofish contributes to the development of fisheries and aquaculture by publishing marketing and industry related information in the Eurofish Magazine and its website, and on the organisation’s website, as well as by organising conferences, workshops, seminars, business-to-business meetings and by implementing a variety of projects in the fields of trade and market, processing and fish farming. Eurofish has in-depth knowledge about the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Europe and neighbouring countries, and an extensive network in the region.



Kalma logoKalma Kaubandus OÜ
Päiksi tee 3, Alatskivi
60201 Tartu, Estonia
Tel.: +372 5528114
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Kalma Kaubandus company is an intensively growing and engaged in worldwide distribution, processing and marketing of assorted fresh, chilled and frozen fish products. We have our own ships, fish factory and cold storage house, also provide EU VAT number for delivery within EU. Our mission is to consistently provide stable business relationship, best quality products and services to our customers.



Randa logoRanda Ltd.
"Klavas", Rude,
Rojas district, LV-3264, Latvia
Tel.: +37129845759
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Company "Randa" Ltd. is working in the processing of fish for over 20 years. Company specializes in producing various cod liver products and fish snacks like Fish Chicharron and Fish Crisps. Our assortment is unique both in taste and technology. The ingredients are obtained from fishing areas in Norway that are pollution free. The company is involved and controls everything from the moment the ingredients are gathered till the finished, qualitative product.



Baltijos logoBaltijos Delikatesai JSC
Ganyklu str. 8b
LT 00126 Palanga, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 460 40337
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Baltijos Delikatesai has the biggest canned fish production plant based in Palanga, Lithuania. The plant opened its doors in 2003 and since then, the company has developed strong and loyal relationship with partners in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Israel.

The assortment includes fish in own juice, in oil, in tomato sauce and in all kinds of other sauces.

The current production includes mackerel, Atlantic sardines, sardinella, Atlantic herring, Pacific Ocean saury, silver smelt, pollack, Baltic sprats, Baltic herring, cod roe, Norwegian cod liver, etc.

Baltijos Delikatesai do not use any preservatives, artificial colors or flavor enhancers - only natural ingredients, high quality Spanish tomato paste and maintain good production traditions.

Canned fish is produced under own brand and can also be produced under private label.


Meotida logoMeotida Sp. Z.o.o.
Grzybowska St. 87
PL 00-844 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +48 737 373 488
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Meotida deals with promoting Tastes of Dalmatia – products from Croatia are already available in 250 stores in Poland and Czech Republic. Main species from Adriatic Sea are anchovies and sardines.



Beltaka logoMiadmar HDP SRL
Str. Iuliu Maniu 9
RO 820147 Tulcea
Tel.: +40 240 517760
Fax: +40 240 517760
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Romania’s fishing and processing industry is for the first time proudly represented at POLFISH by MIADMAR HDP. Coming from the Danube Delta, the land of deltaic legends and of the Danube shad, valuing 100 years of local culinary tradition, MIADMAR HDP is a traditional, healthy, fish and shellfish products maker. Under the statement “Deltaica, healthy traditions”, MIADMAR HDP offers quality processed and value-added products, using captures from Danube Delta, Black Sea and other marine fishing areas. “Smoked Danube shad” is the most recent success of the company, the product being certified as National PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2017, until EC acknowledges as European PGI. Danube Delta is the foremost eastern region of the European Union, and a UNESCO world nature heritage from 1999.