Eurofish produces a range of publications itself and also publishes and markets products on behalf of its partners. The best known Eurofish publication is the EUROFISH MAGAZINE. This is a glossy, bimonthly journal covering mainly, though not exclusively, the European fisheries and aquaculture sector with a special emphasis on the Eurofish member countries. The magazine deals with post harvest issues including processing, distribution, marketing, and equipment. Each issue profiles two countries providing the latest statistical information on catches and aquaculture, interviewing leading figures from the administration and industry, and reporting on the latest trends and developments in the market. Three thousand copies of each issue of the magazine are distributed every two months reaching key decision-makers in industry and fisheries administrations. Copies are also distributed at major industry events giving advertisers the maximum bang for their buck. Click here to see the fairs at which the EUROFISH MAGAZINE will be distributed, and to check advertising rates. Click here to visit the EUROFISH MAGAZINE website for a look at the latest issue or to browse the archive.

RecirculationGuideThe Eurofish Guides are a series of publications that condense information about a topic into an A5-sized glossy booklet. The guides are written by reputed experts in their fields and make extensive use of images, tables, charts and graphs to provide a ready reference for practioners in the field or on the factory floor. They deal with topics such as hygiene, food safety, traceability, packaging and most recently with recirculation technologies for aquaculture and with certification.

In collaboration with FAO Globefish Eurofish distributes several Globefish titles including the Globefish Research Programmes, the Commodity Updates, and the European Price Report and Globefish Seafood Highlights. The Globefish Research Programmes analyse a topic such as a market, a country, a species, or a theme bringing the expertise of the FAO to subjects that may not otherwise get the attention they deserve. The Commodity Updates are an annual update of trade statistics from the FAO including imports, exports, and prices for a commodity going back about a decade. There are currently 15 Commodity Updates ranging from anchovies to shrimp. The European Price Report provides prices of commodities from a global network of correspondents. These prices and the trade movement of products are then analysed in the quarterly Globefish Seafood Highlights.GlobefishDirectory2008

The Dictionaries and Directories section includes one multilingual dictionary of 400 commonly traded species names in most EU languages as well as Russian; an English Russian, Russian English dictionary of fishing and marine terms; and a trade directory of European fish and seafood producers, importers, exporters, and distributors.

Other publications refer to project reports that provide information on a highly specific topic as well as specialised products from Eurofish partners. This category also includes several products either in Russian or about Russia. These are the outcomes of Eurofish projects or the products of Eurofish partners.