CapitalCapital: Tallinn Estonia

PopPopulation: 1.31 million 
(2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: 28 billion
(2015, Eurostat)

EuroGDP/capita: 13,300
(2015, Eurostat)


Overview of the Estonian coverage in the Eurofish Magazine

Eurofish Magazine 3 2018

Page 49 Some 25,000 visitors attend Open Fishing Ports Day - Marked enthusiasm for all things fish
Page 50 With EMFF support the Ministry of Rural Affairs is improving energy and resource efficiency among fish processors - Better technology can yield significant savings


Eurofish Magazine 4 2017

Page 36 Estonia takes over the presidency of the EU Council for the first time - Finding the right compromises is crucial
Page 37 Officials in the Ministry of Rural Affairs contemplate a self-sustaining fisheries sector - Falling support levels encourage new thinking
Page 39 Ecofarm is investing heavily in value addition - Convenience products for the Estonian market
Page 42 Läänemaa FLAG is putting 10-year strategy into action - Local efforts for long-lasting benefits
Page 44 Põlula Fish Rearing Centre monitors and stocks salmon in Estonia - Securing the future of wild salmon
Page 47 Latikas processes locally caught freshwater fish as well as imports - Creating new products from old species
Page 49 Kallaste Kalur processes freshwater fish for domestic and export markets - Existing processing unit gets a new owner
Page 50 Peipsimaa helps increase tourism - Increased marketing for Lake Peipsi
Page 52 Fisheries Information Centre - A broad network of information exchange
Page 54 Construction of new fish meal factory underway - A successful collaboration among three POs


Eurofish Magazine 2 2015

Page 32 Ban, currency depreciation hit seafood exports to traditional markets - Estonia uses the crisis to create a more competitive fisheries sector
Page 34 Estonian Rural Development Foundation - Funding the sustainable development of rural Estonia
Page 36 Hunt-Fish Group combines exports of fish and game - Perch fillets air freighted to Switzerland
Page 38 Pärnu Laht works to secure raw material supplies - Embarking on a new project on farmed perch
Page 40 Fisheries and aquaculture in Estonia - Russian sanctions inspire search for new markets
Page 46 Compensating for uncertain markets - Troubled waters for Estonian sprat
Page 48 Ecofarm develops and sells products from farmed and wild fish - An aquaculture PO with an interest in small pelagics
Page 50 Japs catches, processes, and sells European perch and pike-perch - Vertical integration enables complete control of quality
Page 52 Making the most out of a few products - Extending the market for sprat and Baltic herring
Page 54 DGM Shipping earns coveted award at Prodexpo - Using sprats to make highly value-added items
Page 56 Avektra expands its factory and product line - The unceasing search for new markets 


Eurofish Magazine 5 2013

Page 19 Estonian fish farming to focus on niche products - Farmers and fishers to focus on value addition
Page 27 Peipsi Grupp Holding has one third of the Lake Peipsi quotas - Freshwater fish fillets for markets in western Europe
Page 30 Reyktal AS fleet represents more than half the Estonian distant water fleet - Sustainability certification around the corner
Page 33 Kallaste Kalur focuses on pike-perch - Fishing for profit as well as for pleasure
Page 35 Sandemer OÜ is looking to build a processing facility - Ambitious plans to process freshwater fish
Page 38 Triton PR AS A recirculation system built from scratch - Eel farmer experiments with new species

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