Capital  SpainCapital: Madrid

PopPopulation: 46.43 million 
(2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €1.22 billion (2015, Eurostat)

GDP/capita €23,000 (2015, Eurostat)



Overview of the Spanish coverage in the Eurofish Magazine

Eurofish Magazine 4 2018

Page 36 The fish and seafood farming sector needs support if it is to realise its potential - Removing the bottlenecks facing the aquaculture industry 
Page 39 Innovation at all levels of the fish farming value chain are critical to achieving - Blue Growth Aquaculture drives Blue Growth in Spain 
Page 41 Spanish seafood associations help to maintain the competitiveness of their members - Conxemar promotes sustainability, trade, and the benefits of seafood 
Page 43 Fedepesca is betting that a focus on sustainability will reverse the slide in specialised fish retailer numbers  - Fish shops go green 
Page 46 Puerto de Celeiro SA Producers Organization 77 - Quality and sustainability define hake from Celeiro 
Page 48 AECOC/GS suggests ways to increase seafood consumption - Seven challenges for seafood products


Eurofish Magazine 6 2016

Page 34 Aquaculture activities to receive boost - More innovation and less red tape
Page 35 Measures against unlawful catching and trading activities are a path of no return - Combating illegal fishing is a priority for the administration
Page 37 Understanding and reversing the recent fall in Spanish seafood consumption - Challenges facing the seafood products market in Spain
Page 38 ANFACO has opened a cutting edge centre for food technologies - New laboratory develops foods of the future
Page 40 Canned tuna producers on the EU market must be subject to the same rules - Spanish Traceability Observatory demands level playing field
Page 41 Fish welfare receives a boost - Best practice in fish slaughtering
Page 42 A unique fishmongers network in Europe - Breathing new life into an old tradition

Eurofish Magazine 4 2014

Page 40 Andrés Hermida Trastoy, Director General of Fisheries Management, Spain - Profitability of fleet increases
Page 42 Aurora De Blas Carbonero, Deputy Director for Fisheries - Economics encouraging the role of women in Spanish fisheries
Page 44 The fisheries sector in Spain - Processing industry weathers the crisis
Page 48 Promising growth continues in the Canaries - Fishing in the Canaries is soaring
Page 50 Tunamar is approaching fifteen years in the tuna industry - Fishing, processing and Europe-wide distribution of sashimi-grade tuna
Page 51 Isidro de la Cal have pioneered seabream aquaculture - Mix of aquaculture and imports, fresh and frozen, processed and distributed throughout Europe



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