CapitalCroatiaCapital: Zagreb

PopPopulation: 4.2 million (2015)

GDP: €43.8 millionEuro (2015)

GDP/capita: €10,426 (2015)

Overview of the Croatian coverage in the Eurofish Magazine

Eurofish Maagzine 4 2016

Page 27 Fisheries and aquaculture in Croatia - Pelagic fishers support measures promoting sustainability
Page 32 Lostura, Croatia’s first Fisheries Local Action Group - Promoting sustainable development in fisheries areas
Page 33 Pelagos Net Farma farms tuna for the Japanese market - As tuna quotas increase, prices falter
Page 36 Tajer salts and marinades anchovies for Spain and Italy - New factory will expand product range
Page 38 Croatian fishing company Mislov is still a family business - Sardine and anchovy fishery has expanded into processing
Page 40 Cromaris has one of the world’s biggest seabass and seabream hatcheries - Complete self-sufficiency in seabass and seabream production planned


Eurofish Magazine 5 2014

Page 32 Fisheries and aquaculture in Croatia - Accession to the EU has been demanding but beneficial
Page 38 Omega 3 is Croatia’s biggest small pelagics cooperative - Looking for means to fund a much needed expansion
Page 41 Conex Trade has vessels, processing and distribution - EU membership facilitates access to new markets
Page 44 Crna Mlaka needs a different business model - Bird sanctuary threatens viability of fish farm
Page 47 Cromaris – Croatia’s biggest seabass and seabream producer - Expanding product line with organic fish, meagre, and shellfish
Page 50 Fishermen’s Cooperative Adria - Fighting to establish a fish auction


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