CapitalItalyCapital: Rome 

PopPopulation: 60.6 million (2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €1.66 billion (2015, Eurostat)

GPD/capita €27,600 (2016, Eurostat)



Overview of the Italian coverage in the Eurofish Magazine

Eurofish Magazine 1 2018

Page 29 Research under the Success project identifies challenges, potential solutions in the Italian mussel sector - Consumers interested in certified products
Page 33 Fishalldays delivers fish straight off the boat to consumers - Cleaning, gutting, and filleting are the future
Page 36 The Italian Coast Guard is responsible for fisheries control - Monitoring the fleet 24/7
Page 39 Consorzio Coop. Pescatori del Polesine O.P. is among the biggest Italian bivalve producers - Product line for packaged clams and mussels planned
Page 41 A marine protected area with benefits for fishermen - Fishing and tourism can peacefully co-exist
Page 43 Az. Agr. Vicenzi Marco deals with several niche products - Bio certification may aid exports to Germany, Austria
Page 45 Plans to create a unified PO for greater efficiency - Concentration in the tuna fishery is here to stay

Eurofish Magazine 2 2016

Page 37 Italy aims to achieve MSY for its fisheries by 2020 - Pushing a management plan for the Central Mediterranean
Page 39 Status and main trends in the Italian fisheries sector - Production increases after years of decline
Page 42 Italy drives a regional management plan in the Mediterranean - Reducing unwanted catches with spatial closures
Page 46 The fasolari fishery in Northern Adriatic - POs can enhance competitiveness in the sector
Page 48 A new location would benefit Chioggia fish market - Better road transport links are important for growth
Page 51 Agro Ittica Lombarda is best known for sturgeon caviar, but has other products too - A unique sensory experience
Page 54 Cromaris is a major player on the Italian market for seabass and seabream - Looking to expand to southern Italy

Eurofish Magazine 6 2014

Page 30 Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union - Aquaculture in Europe and the Mediterranean a priority
Page 32 The Italian fisheries and aquaculture sector - Landing obligation for small pelagics may have little impact
Page 37 Traditional fishers willing to adopt new methods - Artisanal fisheries can benefit from certification
Page 39 Making themselves at home in the Adriatic - The long-lasting success of the Manila clam
Page 41 Fishers of giant red shrimp promote their product - A higher price for sustainable shrimp of Sicilian origin?
Page 43 Controlling quality with care - Farming seabass and seabream in Italy
Page 46 A passion for trout - Farming and smoking trout in the mountains
Page 49 Multiplying profits with fingerlings - Rainbow trout on the border with Switzerland
Page 51 Acquacoltura Jonica doubles production of seabass and seabream fry - New facilities start working in 2015
Page 53 Family cooperative hoping to expand from mussel to fish farming - Mussels from Taranto
Page 55 PIT Produttori Ittici Trevigiani produces fresh trout in a variety of sizes - Highly value-added products are the future


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