CapitalLithuaniaCapital: Vilnius

 PopPopulation: 2.88 million 
 (2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €61 billion
(2015, Eurostat)

Euro  GDP/capita: €11,600 
  (2015, Eurostat)

Overview of the Lithuanian coverage in the Eurofish Magazine

Eurofish Magazine 2 2018 

Page 55 Compensation for losses caused by seals - Fishers and Phocids can now coexist amicably
Page 56 Šilute˙ Agricultural School is the first institution in Lithuania to offer a specialisation in aquaculture - Programme to create aquaculture entrepreneurs


Eurofish Magazine 3 2017

Page 30 New government brings fresh approach to fisheries and aquaculture policy - Balancing capacity with resources for greater profitability
Page 32 Fisheries and aquaculture in Lithuania - Fishers and farmers increasingly add value to their production
Page 36 Fisheries Service activities contribute to the abundance of salmonids in Lithuanian waters - Breeding salmon and sea trout for restocking
Page 38 Islauzo Zuvis, a pond fish farm dedicated to production the natural way - Balancing the interests of nature with those of commerce
Page 40 JFish breeds African catfish for the Lithuanian market - Fresh, smoked, or prepared by a chef
Page 42 Fishery Enterprises Association, Lampetra - A PO for the Curonian lagoon fisheries
Page 44 Lithuania’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Laboratory - A new centre for international collaboration
Page 47 SLP Zuvis processes fish caught from the Curonian lagoon for local markets - Smoking freshwater species the traditional way

Eurofish Magazine 4 2016

Page 43 Demand for fresh local fish encourages producers to open their own outlets - Buying farmed fish directly from the source
Page 45 Sea-fisheries and aquaculture laboratory opens in Lithuania - An investment in developing Lithuanian maritime technology

Eurofish Magazine 4 2015

Page 26 Carp still dominates production, but the number of farmed species is growing in Lithuania - Support for environmentally friendly aquaculture
Page 29 The Lithuanian fisheries sector - Positive indicators abound
Page 34 Fisheries control in Lithuania is highly organised - Tight surveillance reduces infringements
Page 36 Dese processes frozen Atlantic herring for different markets - Unwavering focus on herring products
Page 38 Vasaknos can off er products packaged in modified atmosphere or vacuum - Smoked products replace live fish
Page 40 Atlantic currently has vessels in the North Atlantic and the South Pacific - Lack of EU-Mauritania agreement hits high seas fishers hard
Page 42 Work at the Zeimena hatchery contributes to the healthy status of inland fish stocks - Salmon and sea trout delisted from Lithuania’s red book


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