CapitalPolandCapital: Warsaw

PopPopulation: 37.9 million (2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €757 billion (2015, Eurostat)

GDP/capita: €10,900 (2015, Eurostat)




Overview of the Polish coverage in the Eurofish Magazine

Eurofish Magazine 6 2020

Page 23 Pond fish farming in Poland, a century-old activity, is adapting to changes at many levels - New product forms respond to market demands
Page 28 Ponds farms provide a range of ecosystem services that are becoming ever more important - Earthen carp ponds contribute to EU strategies
Page 31 Pustelnia Fish Farm uses innovative methods in the production and sales of carp - New customers for an ancient product
Page 34 The carp farm Topornica uses its well-known name to sell fish in the Zamosc area - Nudging farmers to trade around the year


Eurofish Magazine 1 2019

Page 54 Polish university laboratory tests the viability of farming warmwater shrimp in recirculation aquaculture - Challenges of shrimp cultivation are not insurmountable
Page 56 Automation to characterise renovated factory - Gadus restructures its processing operations
Page 58 Association of Sea Fishermen’s PO has a long history - Lack of cod threatens coastal fishery

Eurofish Magazine 2 2018

Page 33 Fish and seafood processing in Poland - Stiff competition at home encourages search for new marketssearch for new markets 
Page 37 With its own processing plants, laboratories, and cold stores Abramczyk caters to most demands - Frozen products expert now eyes the fresh fish market
Page 39 Gdansk Coldstore can distribute fish from the North Atlantic around the world - Successful response to national and international competition 
Page 41 Kolobrzeska Fish Producers’ Group restructures its processing facilities - Adding value to the catch is the only way forward 
Page 44 Losos today concentrates exclusively on canned fish products - Investments in R & D are critical 
Page 46 Mirko has repositioned the traditional marinated herring - Modern and health-oriented combinations make herring a gourmet product 
Page 48 Seamor smokes seafood for upmarket customers - Exploring opportunities in foodservice 
Page 51 Seko is expanding – again - A new line of products for younger consumers 
Page 53 Stanpol processes and trades in Baltic and Atlantic cod, as well as salmon - A family-owned business, run by three generations


Eurofish Magazine 2 2017

Page 50 Gadus Fishing and Processing is still a family business - Modern, diverse and growing


Eurofish Magazine 5 2016

Page 35 The priorities of Polish fisheries and aquaculture - Poland will strive to ensure healthy cod stocks in the Baltic
Page 37 The aquaculture sector in Poland - Ambitious strategy to increase production and sales
Page 42 Gospodarstwo Rybackie Goslawice sp. z.o.o. produces caviar and sturgeon - Sturgeon farm expands production
Page 46 Hodowla Ryb K-2 combines a recirculation system with the generous use of water - Farming and processing trout for the Polish market
Page 49 Dabie Hatchery produces eyed trout eggs for the domestic market and export - Substantial expansion planned
Page 52 FLAG Bytow Lakeland projects should strengthen - the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of the area - Developing projects that conform to new requirements


Eurofish Magazine 1 2014

Page 42 Limito S.A.: Core competence is salmon products - Boneless steaks, salmon loins and convenience products
Page 45 Global Fish: Tilapia from Polish aquaculture - Fresh tilapia products for the European market
Page 48 Fario farms and processes trout - Fresh MAP trout for retail chains
Page 50 BK Salmon smokes Norwegian salmon in Poland - Daily capacity about 40,000 packs of smoked salmon


Eurofish Magazine 6 2013

Page 20 Innovation and knowledge will play a greater role in the Polish aquaculture sector - Environmental benefits of fish farming need to be promoted
Page 26 Polish inland fisheries - Economic importance to rural areas
Page 30 The Dgał Experimental Stocking Centre grows fish for research, restocking, and revenue - A focus on sturgeon and other high-value species
Page 32 Bogaczewo – Lake fisheries and more - Diversification at its best
Page 34 FLAGs of opportunity - Helping communities become sustainable
Page 37 First-sales centre - Advantages for fishers, buyers, and authorities
Page 38 Polish Fish Industry Congress, 16–18 October 2013, Bolszewo - Fish marketing should focus on greater value addition
Page 40 BMC - What you see is what you get! - Graduating from trading to processing
Page 42 Fishing, processing, port management, and shipbuilding - Szkuner is the heart of Władysławowo

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