AlmarsALMARS is a three-year Erasmus+ capacity building project with a focus on Enhancing the Marine Fishery Industry in Albania. Coordinated by the University of Split, the project responds to the increased demand in skilled personnel in the fishing industry in Albania by opening a professional Master's Program in the field of marine fisheries. ALMARS also addresses the national priorities of enhancing university-enterprise cooperation (thus fostering graduate's employability) and improving the quality of education in Albania by developing graduate platforms in the selected universities, improving educational supply and matching the demand for qualified labour in the Blue Growth sectors.


The project targets will be achieved through three main tasks:

    - The development of a new professional Master's Degree in Marine Fishery that will meet market needs.
    - Enhancement of collaboration among Blue Growth stakeholders through the development of a networking platform.
    - Improvement of maritime training centers which provide professional training to seafarers operating on fishing vessels.

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Erasmus Cofunding EUALMARS runs from January 2019 until January 2022.
An article about the project is available in EUROFISH Magazine.  

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