Strengthening the impact of fisheries related research through dissemination, communication and technology transfer
ComFish is an EU FP7 project which aims at identifying important fisheries topics with long term impacts, and ascertain whether scientific results have been properly communicated to fisheries stakeholders. If yes, why and how was this done? If not, then the question must be answered which communication needs must be addressed. What are the related challenges, needed actions and possible solutions?

ComFish identifies these topics and through five regional participatory stakeholder events it addresses these communication impasses. Next, ComFish uses the outcome of the events to prepare Information Packages that include audio-visual materials, and communicates the identified priority issues to a wider circle of stakeholders as well as to EU citizens. Finally, ComFish organises a Partnering Event to facilitate network building amongst stakeholders, to jointly address and overcome communication impasses and to stimulate collaborations. All activities are supported by a robust science based impact analysis.

Project coordinator: Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Institute for Communication and Media Research, Germany

EUROFISH is involved in the dissemination activities regarding the project outputs, e.g. preparation of press releases and leaflets, co-organisation of workshops, articles and news in the EUROFISH Magazine and the home page.