Results-based Management to contribute to the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy

EcoFishMan is an EU FP7 project that aims at developing a responsive fisheries management system (RFMS) which contributes to solving the problems inherent in the current EU fisheries management system. It does that by addressing some of the structural problems of the Common Fisheries Policy as pointed out in the Green Paper. In the RFMS, fishers are given more responsibility for managing and reporting their own activities, and the responsibility for detailed allocation and control of individual quotas and compliance are moved to a lower level. This ensures a higher degree of local ownership to the fish and to the data, and the transparency, both of decisions and of transgressions, increases. Nevertheless, the focus of this project remains primarily on the system of decision making and the division of responsibilities among policy makers, managers, industry and other stakeholders.

Project coordinator: Matis Ohf, Reykjavik, Iceland.

EUROFISH is the dissemination partner and is responsible for the design, development and management of the EcoFishMan website as well as for the production of marketing materials, organisation of some the project workshops and the final project conference. The project results are regularly published in the EUROFISH Magazine and the home page.

For more inforamtion visit the EcoFishMan website.