AlgaEurope 2023 Conference, 12-15 December 2023, Prague

by Eurofish
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Advancing Algae Biomass Research and Innovation

Anyone interested in the rapidly growing list of products made with or from seaweed will want to attend the AlgaEurope 2023 Conference to be held in Prague on 12-15 December 2023. Research on the latest products and production technologies from across Europe will be presented and discussed by leading experts and professionals in the field of algae biomass.

Over 450 participants are expected to listen to and learn from more than 90 speakers and 140 poster presenters of information on a wide array of topics such as Biorefinery, Biostimulants, Cosmetics, Feed, Food, and Regulation.

The conference will feature several experts: the keynote speakers Philippe Potin (France), Susanna Coelho (Germany), Angela Wulf (Sweden), and Robert Henriksen (USA), who will share their insights and expertise.

The expanding world of algae products

In the last several years the world of algae-containing goods has really grown beyond traditional products such as dulse as a salad ingredient, Omega-3 pills to substitute for fish oil (Omega-3 originally starts out in algae), and skin care applications made largely from seaweed. Today, a wide array of products has been developed and keeps growing, from relatively low-tech items such as vegan alternatives to animal-based foods and seaweed additives to replace grains in fish feed, to high-tech products including biofuels that blend algae derivatives with kerosine, naphtha, or gasoline for use in jet aircraft.


Everyday products increasingly use algae ingredients. Many products based on plastic can be made with less petrochemicals and more algae, from yoga mats and running shoes to colored printer ink and air filters.

Many “green“ advantages arise from using algae in goods production. Algae farms are dozens more times as efficient at absorbing CO2 than forests on land on a per-acre/hectare basis, and they don’t use up freshwater or fertilizer like land-based farms do. Algae farms can also use the nitrogen and phosphorous in wastewater generated by food industries to grow.

Poster Presentations will provide even more new information on a more accessible level

The final conference program, currently being compiled, includes oral presentations and poster presentations. The poster area will provide researchers with a platform to present their work. New this year is the Poster Presentation Award, recognizing the best posters of AlgaEurope 2023. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award will be nominated by the AlgaEurope Evaluation Committee, with an additional Audience Award allowing delegates to vote for their favorite poster via the AlgaEurope App.

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