Croatia in the Eurofish Magazine

by Thomas Jensen

CapitalCroatiaCapital: Zagreb

PopPopulation: 4.2 million (2015)

GDP: €43.8 millionEuro (2015)

GDP/capita: €10,426 (2015)

Overview of the Croatian coverage in the Eurofish Magazine

Eurofish Magazine 3 2020


22 Assisting the European fisheries and aquaculture sector through a pandemic – Croatia steers Presidency of the EU Council despite coronavirus
26 University of Zadar offers a new master’s programme – Promoting blue growth in aquaculture and fisheries
28 A Croatian-Italian project combines model-building with outreach efforts to increase fisheries sustainability – Bringing an ecosystem approach to Adriatic fisheries
29 Ambitious cross-border project will protect vulnerable seagrass meadows in the Adriatic – Free anchoring of vessels must be curtailed
31 Novel distribution methods help a Croatian trout farm through the pandemic – Home delivery proves highly popular
34 Cooperative enters Fisheries Improvement Project with a view to achieving sustainable practices – Looking for ways to access demanding markets
36 Improving the economic and environmental sustainability of a small island community – Sustainable fishing in a nature park
38 High quality from a small-scale sustainable Norway lobster fishery fetches a good price – Fishing with creels in the Velebit channel


Eurofish Magazine 6 2018

Page 31 Legislation to prevent overfishing is working, but more time is needed for assessment – The signals from the sea are positive
Page 34 Croatia’s fisheries and aquaculture sector – Impact of measures to protect stocks become apparent
Page 39 Fisheries and aquaculture stakeholders hold their annual meeting on Rab – Modernisation of ports, landing sites commences
Page 40 Ribnjacarstvo Koncanica exports most of its carp production – Adding value to carp is something for the future
Page 43 Traders play a key role in supplying the Croatian market with domestic fish as well as imports – Fresh seafood from around the world
Page 44 A nature reserve in Croatia produces high quality European flat oysters – Building on an ancient tradition
Page 47 “Trapula” is a textbook example of income diversification among small-scale fishers – Combining fishing with tourism proves an enriching experience
Page 49 Trenton plans to expand its activities in the fish side of the business – Traditional recipes combining taste with health


Eurofish Magazine 4 2016

Page 27 Fisheries and aquaculture in Croatia – Pelagic fishers support measures promoting sustainability
Page 32 Lostura, Croatia’s first Fisheries Local Action G
roup – Promoting sustainable development in fisheries areas

Page 33 Pelagos Net Farma farms tuna for the Japanese market – As tuna quotas increase, prices falter
Page 36 Tajer salts and marinades anchovies for Spain and Italy – New factory will expand product range
Page 38 Croatian fishing company Mislov is still a family business – Sardine and anchovy fishery has expanded into processing
Page 40 Cromaris has one of the world’s biggest seabass and seabream hatcheries – Complete self-sufficiency in seabass and seabream production planned


Eurofish Magazine 5 2014

Page 32 Fisheries and aquaculture in Croatia – Accession to the EU has been demanding but beneficial
Page 38 Omega 3 is Croatia’s biggest small pelagics cooperative – Looking for means to fund a much needed expansion
Page 41 Conex Trade has vessels, processing and distribution – EU membership facilitates access to new markets
Page 44 Crna Mlaka needs a different business model – Bird sanctuary threatens viability of fish farm
Page 47 Cromaris – Croatia’s biggest seabass and seabream producer – Expanding product line with organic fish, meagre, and shellfish
Page 50 Fishermen’s Cooperative Adria – Fighting to establish a fish auction


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