Eurofish hosts associations from Member Countries at Seafood Expo Global 2024

by Eurofish
Eurofish stand in 2023

Eurofish International Organisation will be at Seafood Expo Global (SEG), Barcelona, Spain, 23-25 April. We have for many years been hosting trade associations from its member countries that do not have national pavilions at the show. In 2024, the Hungarian Aquaculture and Fisheries Interprofessional Organisation (MA-HAL), the National Association for Aquaculture and Fish Products Producers, and Modern Aquaculture Association from Lithuania will share the Eurofish booth. Come meet us and the associations we are hosting to discuss potential projects and trade deals, to share ideas, to get inspiration, and to sample delicious and innovative products from carp, African catfish, sturgeon, and more.
Please visit us in Hall 2 Stand A203, and meet the participants:


Hungarian Aquaculture and Fisheries Interprofessional Organisation (MA-HAL)
Ballagi Mór u. 8. fsz. 2.
H-1115 Budapest
+36 1 355 7019

MA-HAL was founded in 2017 by merging the „Hungarian Association of Fish Producers and Fishing Water Users” (established in 1957) and the Hungarian Aquaculture Association (established in 2012). The legal basis of the foundation and operation of MA-HAL is the Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 December 2013. MA-HAL has 100 members, who are stakeholders along the supply chain of the Hungarian aquaculture sector including producers, processors, traders, R&D, and training institutions Production of MA-HAL members cover more than 90% of the Hungarian aquaculture production. MA-HAL takes part in the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP) and the Hungarian Mirror Platform (HUNATiP) of the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP). The Hungarian Inter-branch Organisation facilitates the dialogue between actors in the supply chain, promotes best practices and market transparency, improves the knowledge of production and the market, forecasts productions potential, helps to coordinate better marketing activities and to explore potential export markets. MA-HAL also assists the innovation of the aquaculture sector through various activities including the involvement in national and EU projects.


The National Association of Aquaculture and Fish Products Producers
S. Konarskio str. 49-615
LT 03123 Vilnius
+370 5 216 16 26


The association was established in 2002 and has 16 members of which two are farming fish in RAS systems, while the majority are growing fish in ponds with a total area of 9,640 ha. Members of the association produce over 95% of the total national aquaculture volumes. Carp contributes to about 96% of the production, and other species include pike, tench, trout, crucian carp, sturgeon, catfish, and grass carp among others.

Five years ago, the association started organic production and as of today, over 40% of the units are certified for organic farming, which is 3,800 ha of the total area of ponds. Members of the association produce over 1,000 tonnes of organic fish annually and supply live fish to the Lithuanian market year-round.

The association cooperates with national scientific institutions and related associations, cooperates with scientific institutions and aquaculture associations abroad, participates in international conferences, trade fairs, and other industry events.

Association Modern Aquaculture
Kaštonų g. 15, Skudutiškio k.
LT-33322 Molėtų r.
+370 677 8470

Association Modern Aquaculture was established in 2013, and now comprises three companies that use modern recirculating aquaculture system facilities to produce – European eel, trout, and African catfish, and supply domestic and export markets.

Association cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania, scientific and other institutions in order to help aquaculture companies increase their efficiency, and promote sustainable modern aquaculture technologies and practices.

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