Four EU projects to improve European aquaculture join forces at AE2023

by Thomas Jensen
Aquaculture Europe banner

Aquaculture is the world’s most diverse farming practice in terms of species, farming methods, intensity level, and is one of the most sustainable ways of providing animal protein to some of the 8.5bn people expected to populate Earth by 2030. While aquaculture on a global scale is booming, its growth in the EU is stagnant—something the European Commission would like to change. Four EU projects, EUMOFA, FishEUTrust, SAFE, and SEA2SEE, dealing with various aspects of aquaculture will be present at the Eurofish stand (102-103) at Aquaculture Europe 2023 in Vienna, Austria on 18-21 September. Visit us to learn how we seek to accelerate growth in EU aquaculture.


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