Eurofish Magazine Issue 1 2024 (January / February)

by Thomas Jensen
Eurofish Magazine 1 2024 cover

January / February 2024 Eurofish Magazine 1
Country profiles: Albania, Türkiye, and Slovenia
Events: EMODnet open conference 2023, AlgaEurope, and State of the Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries
Aquaculture: Europe’s aquaculture production is stagnating in spite of EU funding – Lots of money, little impact
Technology: Long shelf life vs colour and taste? – Innovation potential in smoking
Ukraine: Ukraine’s aquaculture business: Impacts of Russia’s war against Ukraine – When an adventure becomes a life’s work and passion
Guest pages: Katarina Sipic – AIPCE-CEP works to optimise condition for EU fish traders and processors – EU fish and seafood import ratio creeps ever higher


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