Eurofish Magazine Issue 3 2024 (May / June)

by Thomas Jensen
Eurofish Magazine3 2024 cover

May / June 2024 Eurofish Magazine (EM3)
Country profiles: Poland and Georgia
Events: SEG/SPG Barcelona, AlgaeProBanos
Aquaculture: The rising tide of macroalgae cultivation in the EU – Macroalgae aquaculture needs to be expanded
The SmartAqua4FuturE (SAFE) EU research project – Seeking a revolution in freshwater aquaculture
Projects: Study shows active sludge technology’s potential to treat waste from saltwater land-based fish farms – Making marine RAS more sustainable
Ukraine’s seafood business: Impacts of Russia’s war against Ukraine – Living on a powder keg
Guest pages: Dr Susan Steele – The European Fisheries Control Agency – A key partner in the fight for fisheries sustainability


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