AquaFarm 2024: new layout and logo, up-to-date topics, high-level content, and business opportunities

by Eurofish
AquaFarm conference

AquaFarm, the Italian international conference and trade show on aquaculture and sustainable fishing industry announces the dates of the seventh edition by introducing a new logo which, in addition to the fish, features a mussel as evidence of the wide world of shellfish farming. The event will take place on 14th and 15th February 2024 in Pordenone, Italy.

After the pandemic crisis, which had a negative impact on the purchase of seafood products, the agri-food sector is faced with other problems. The aggravation of climatic events, rising temperatures and long periods of dry weather are changing the habitats in which aquatic species live, with major impacts on breeding farming in both sea, salty and fresh waters.

“The effects of climate change and the ecological transition are the new challenges facing our industry” says Pier Antonio Salvador, President of the Italian Fish Farmers Association “All operators are ready, it is, as always, a matter of networking and AquaFarm is an unmissable meeting place.”

Climate change is also one of the causes of the increase in blue crab in our seas, which has reached +2,000% in some areas. Damage to shellfish production has been extensive: over 50% in Italy’s north-east cost, specifically in Veneto and Emilia-Romagna areas. “AquaFarm represents an opportunity to highlight the urgency of anticipating the effects of change – states Luigino Pela, President of the Mediterranean Aquaculture Association – a match in which research plays a crucial role.”


The seventh edition will therefore be focused on climate, research and innovation, but also on sustainability certification, animal welfare, technologies and animal and human nutrition. The rich conference programme will flank the international exhibition area, the largest ever thanks to the use of the new Halls 5 BIS / TER launched at the beginning of September. The area dedicated to universities is confirmed as weel, including the possibility to exhibit scientific posters; finally, the show cooking Arena, where national production excellences could be tasted, will be placed in Hall 5 again, as per last edition.

“We really care about AquaFarm as it is one of the events that represent the future of Pordenone Fiere. Internationality, high expertise and scientific approach – states Renato Pujatti, President of Pordenone Fiere – thanks to these features, we are convinced that the companies attending the exhibition will have an opportunity to grow their businesses and there will be important economic spin-offs for the local area.”

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