Eurofish Business Platform at Fish International 2024

by Eurofish
Eurofish joint booth

Organized biennially, fish international stands as Germany’s only seafood trade fair. The 19th edition of fish international is scheduled to be held in Bremen on 25-27 February 2024. Serving as a gateway to the German market, one of Europe’s largest for fish and seafood, fish international offers a vital platform for industry engagement. In cooperation with Messe Bremen, Eurofish International Organization provides a Business Platform for companies from its member countries, where they can showcase and market their products and services, engage with visitors and other exhibitors, and explore potential business collaborations.

Please visit Eurofish Business Platform at Hall 5, Booth G-53, and meet the participants:


PP Orahovica d.o.o.
Pustara 1, Zdenci,
+385 992 706 945

PP Orahovica d.o.o. is one of the largest Croatian manufacturers of agricultural and food products and the biggest producer of freshwater fish in the Republic of Croatia. Continuing on centuries of tradition and principles of sustainable production, nowadays they farm fish in 6,817 hectares of fish ponds. Their fish is processed at modern facilities and produced according to IFS high international standards, which guarantee safe and irreproachable products. PP Orahovica markets fish products under their own Panona Mare brand name, including fresh and packed fresh fish, frozen fish, breaded fish and deli products. The main distribution channel of the company on the Croatian market is the big retail chains such as Konzum, Kaufland, Lidl, Metro, Interspar, and Lonia, and they export more than 70% of their production to thirteen countries in Europe (Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania.)


Liu Fish Ltd
Liu village, 88313 Paarnu
+372 56 999 533

The company’s mission is simple yet important – to provide the clients with the freshest, wild-caught fish from Estonia. Established in 2013 by a group of local fishermen, the company is located in the ecologically clean Pärnu Bay in Pärnu and gets the raw materials directly from local fishermen.
The company offers:
*Handcrafted Excellence: All the products are handmade by the company’s hard-working team.
*Competitive pricing: Direct purchasing from Liu Fish’s partner company eliminates middlemen and ensures cost-efficient solution for the customers. The partner, Pärnu Laht OÜ has EU veterinary approval number EE204EU.
*Community Commitment: The company’s goal is to support the coastal fishery and contribute to the well-being of the local community.


AB “Išlaužo žuvis”
Dainavos g. 2A, Išlaužas, Prienų r.
+370 6 5655372

“Išlaužo žuvis” was founded in 1965 and keeps providing the quality fish and fish products ever since. Multiple species of fish thrive in our ponds forming a healthy polyculture. Our vision and moto is to bring the quality fish for those who demand the very best at their table!


Pastravul din Tara Ta
Ilui Maniu Blvd 47, 4th floor, of. 406, Brasov
Tel.: +40 740 339 214

This association comprises six of the biggest trout famers in Romania, with a total output of 800 tonnes annually. The association doubles as a producer organisation (PO) which is responsible for the processing, marketing, and sales of the fish. Currently the association is running two big projects on establishing new farms – one at Oasa Lake and another one at the Black Sea. These new farms are expected to start their first production in three years. Further, by attracting new members, the association expects an increase in trout production to 5000 tonnes in the next five years.


Association “Ukrainian Importers of Fish and Seafood”
Visiting address: Yaroslaviv Val str. 15, 01054 Kyiv, Ukraine
Аddress for correspondence: PO Box 300, 01054 Kyiv 54, Ukraine
+380 68 421 12 12

The Association of Ukrainian Fish and Seafood Importers is a voluntary, non-governmental, professional union, which protects the rights and interests of importers of fish and seafood.
Goals and Objectives of the Association:
1. Advocacy: Representing and defending the interests of association members in governmental bodies and other state institutions.
2. Collaboration: Uniting importers, processors, and exporters of fish products to foster the establishment and advancement of a civilized fish market in Ukraine.
3. Promotion of Fair Competition: Implementing mechanisms to ensure fair competition among market players and creating conducive environments for upholding high professional and ethical standards.
4. Public Awareness: Popularizing the regular consumption of fish and seafood among the Ukrainian population and cultivating a culture of fish product consumption.
5. Information Dissemination: Providing market players with impartial, up-to-date, and valuable information through the Association’s website.

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