A guide to recirculation aqauculture

by Thomas Jensen
A guide to recirculation aquaculture cover

Eurofish and FAO have published the third edition of “A guide to recirculation aquaculture”. The book is written by Jacob Bregnballe from AKVA group and gives an introduction to the environmentally friendly and highly productive closed fish farming systems. The guide will assists farmers to convert to recirculation aquaculture by introducing the technology and the methods of management while advising on good practice shifting to and running a recirculation aquaculture system. Species that thrive in recirculation and those who do not are mentioned as are a set of case stories from around Europe.
The guide is available for free to download as a PDF by filling out the form below or you can contact us on info@eurofish.dk if you wish to purchase a hard copy and pay for the distribution cost.


Download the guide for free by filling out the form below.

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