Pavilion of Denmark at DanFish International, Aalborg, Denmark, 10-12 October 2023

by Eurofish
Exhibitors of the Pavilion of Denmak, 2021

Danish suppliers to the fishing industry will come together with innovative solutions for more sustainable fishing when skippers, suppliers, shipowners, and shipyards from all over the world visit DanFish International 2023 in Aalborg, Denmark

Denmark aspires to become a world leader in sustainable fishing. This is the ambition of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark, which has currently multiple pools available for the green transition of fisheries and aquaculture. For instance, DKK 84.6 million is allocated for the green transition of fisheries. A transition that corresponds directly to the goals of reducing Denmark’s CO2 emissions.

Green solutions already exist. Denmark is a pioneer when it comes to the sustainable transformation of the fishing industry, and sustainable solutions must be spread globally to help move the international fishing industry in a greener and more sustainable direction. Therefore, sustainability is also the major theme when more than 80 Danish companies gather at the Pavilion of Denmark at DanFish International 2023 in Aalborg.

“Danish technology suppliers are leading the way when it comes to sustainable solutions. For many years, the subcontractors have collaborated with fishermen, shipowners, and shipyards to find the best and most sustainable solutions that meet the demand in the industry and the increasing regulatory requirements we see. This collaboration has led to the best solutions that the global fishing industry also demands,” says Martin Winkel Lilleøre, Head of Fish Tech at the Danish Export Association.

DanFish International is visited by fishermen, skippers, shipowners, and shipyards from all over the world. With more than 80 exhibitors at the Pavilion of Denmark, the exhibitors cover the industry from sustainable fishing gear and components for processing plants in the fishing industry both on board and on land, services for the fishing industry, pumping systems, and a range of energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions.

“The Danish fishing industry and technology suppliers have a good reputation globally, and together at DanFish we will be highlighting the partnerships across the industry that are so important for us to have created this position. This also means that guests at the exhibition will be able to meet the various players, each contributing their small piece of the overall solution,” says Martin Winkel Lilleøre.


DanFish International 2023 takes place at Aalborg Kongres og Kultur Center (AKKC) 10-12 October 2023. The exhibition is organized in collaboration between AKKC, Danish Export – Fish Tech group, part of the Danish Export Association and the Danish Fishermen’s Association. The Pavilion of Denmark is in Hall H – stand H800-H892.


Martin Winkel Lilleøre, Head of Fish Tech, Danish Export Association, +45 60 20 85 57, Mette Kristensen, PR & Communications Consultant, +45 28 85 64 30,

Exhibitors at the Pavilion of Denmark at DanFish International 2023:

Alfa Laval Nordic A/S: H-848
Ammeraal Beltech Modular A/S: H-888
AS Scan: H-852
Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S: H-844
Atlantic Shipping A/S: H-890
BDO ScanRevision: H-808
Beritech: H-880
Besrad ApS: H-850
BHJ Coating: H-808
Blue Water Shipping A/S: H-886
Brdr. Markussens Metalvarefabrik A/S / The Blue Line: H-876
Business Hjørring: H-808
C.C. Jensen A/S: H-869
Carl Jensens Marinelager: H-808
Cosmos Trawl A/S: H-884
Cotesi Marine: H-841
Cralog A/S: H-842
DAN-FENDER (dan hill plast A/S): H-844
Dansk Puljefiskeri: H-838
Danske Fiskeauktioner: H-838
DESMI A/S: H-860
DK Transportbaand ApS: H-818
DSI Dantech A/S: H-892
Duusgaard Coating ApS: H-808
Entech Marine A/S : H-808
FF Skagen: H-865
Fiskernes Fiskesortering A.M.B.A.: H-808
Frydendahl, Part of Egersund Group: H-846
Greenoil Standard Aps: H-809
Hirtshals El-Motorservice ApS: H-808
Hirtshals Fiskeauktion ApS: H-808
Hirtshals Fiskeriforening: H-808
Hirtshals Havn: H-808
Hirtshals Marineolie: H-808
Hirtshals Service Group: H-802 + H-808
Hirtshals Yard A/S: H-808
Hundested Propeller A/S: H-874
Hvide Sande Havn: H-856
Hvide Sande Service Group: H-856
Hytek A/S: H-842
IRAS A/S: H-812
IRON Pump A/S: H-843
Johnson Controls Denmark ApS: H-840
Jyske Bank: H-808
Karstensens Skibsværft A/S: H-864
Knud E. Hansen A/S: H-868
Korsør Propeller A/S: H-804
Kynde & Toft A/S: H-836

Kølemadsen A/S: H-808
Marine El: H-808
MarineShaft A/S: H-808
ME Production A/S: H-804
Nordsøtrawl A/S: H-834
Norisol A/S: H-842
Ocean Marine & Fishing Gear A/S: H-841
Randers Reb International A/S: H-882
ScanBelt A/S: H-811
Scandic Pelagic A/S: H-865
Scanel International A/S: H-842
Seamech A/S – Hirtshals: H-808
Seamech A/S – Skagen: H-862
Serviceteam Skagen: H-863
Skagen Havn: H-866
Spar Nord A/S: H-808
Sparekassen Danmark: H-808
Sydvestjysk Fiskeriforening: H-838
System Cleaners A/S: H-872
Thorsminde Havn: H-838
Thyborøn Havn: H-822
Thyborøn Havns Fiskeriforening: H-838
Thyborøn Skibs & Motor A/S: H-824
Thyborøn Trawldoor A/S: H-830
TripleNine Denmark A/S: H-832
Vestjysk Bank: H-827
Vestkajens Maskinværksted A/S: H-808
Vestværftet: H-854
VMS Group A/S: H-800
Weesgaard Mechanical Support ApS: H-808
We-Tech ApS: H-839

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