Romania: Local fisheries products promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

by Eurofish
Romania, street market fisheries and aquaculture

The Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development launched the first edition of a farm/boat-to-fork street market dedicated to the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. The event was hosted from 5 November to 8 November in the ministry courtyard, where many family businesses and cooperatives active in inland and Black Sea capture fisheries and freshwater aqua culture promoted their value-added products to consumers in Bucharest, Romania’s largest consumer market. Traditional recipes of many local species were the stars of the event and were highly appreciated by both routine aquatic food consumers and more hesitant ones. Mr Petre Daea, the Romanian minister of agriculture, declared that small producers must be supported by the authorities to promote their local products and supply the market with high-quality products with a low environmental footprint. Following the overwhelming success of the event, the ministry intends to expand this initiative into a recurrent event several times during the year that will target the major traditional days when Romanians eat more fish than usual.

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