Pordenone once again hosts three aquaculture events

by Thomas Jensen
Aquafarm presentation

Witness the future of farming today

Three events highlight some of the innovations in food production to give an indication of the industry’s direction.

AquaFarm, NovelFarm, and AlgaeFarm held in Pordenone, Italy were dedicated to innovations in sustainable food and useful technologies for industry production. AquaFarm is the international exhibition-conference dedicated to aquaculture and sustainable fishing industry. NovelFarm is entirely dedicated to new cultivation techniques, soilless and vertical farming, and this year it was accompanied by AlgaeFarm, an event dedicated to technologies and applications in algae cultivation.

Significant growth in attendance

According to the organisers, AquaFarm and NovelFarm are growing every year, nationally and internationally, a clear sign of how the topics dealt with truly represent strategic issues for the nutrition of the future. The total number of registered entries increased by 15% since the last event in 2020. Participation by international visitors and speakers was also high revealing the importance of the topics at the three

After the continued success of the three events, Pordenone Fiere has become a key location for discussions on agricultural technologies and the food industry. NovelFarm has now become the reference event in Italy and southern Europe for new generation agricultural crops, in a protected environment, vertical farm and hydroponics, say the organisers. The conference-events saw a total of 120 exhibitors (35% from abroad) who were hosted in Halls 4 and 5 of the Exhibition Centre, for a total of 6,900 square meters of exhibition space. A fundamental component of the event was the conference programme on the most important trends in the sector (i.e. European programmes, energy costs, sustainability, innovation, ­


Strong support from local stakeholders

The three events were promoted and supported by important collaborations, including the AquaFarm partnership with API, the Association of Italian Fish Farmers, AMA, and the Mediterranean Aquaculture Association, which represents fish and shellfish breeders. AISAM (Italian Association for the study and applications of microalgae) collaborated in the drafting of the AlgaeFarm conference programme. Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone and Udine and ITA (Italia Trade Agency) supported the three events.

AquaFarm in Piazza continued until 28 May in the centre of Pordenone in collaboration with MIPAAF. In the evening, a show cooking and tasting was open to the public. In the morning, educational workshops for students were held to allow them to discover the quality of Italian fish products.

In 2023 Aquafarm will be an independent event from on 23 and 24 March, while Novel Farm will be on 26 May.

For more information please visit:
AquaFarm: www.aquafarmexpo.it/en/
NovelFarm: www.novelfarmexpo.it/en/
AlgaeFarm: www.aquafarm.show/en/algaefarm-algaeculture-event/

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