by Thomas Jensen
horizon 2020

The HORIZON 2020 project “Consumer driven Production: Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain” – “PerformFISH” aims to increase the competitiveness of the Mediterranean aquaculture by overcoming biological, technical and operational issues with innovative, cost-effective, integrated solutions, while addressing social and environmental responsibility and contributing to “Blue Growth”. PerformFISH foresees active industry involvement from the marine fish farming sector. PerformFISH brings together a representative multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary consortium to generate, validate and apply new knowledge in real farming conditions to substantially improve performance of the focal fish species, measured through Key Performance Indicators.


The project has 9 workshop packages. EUROFISH is the project leader of the Workshop Package 5 – “Reinforcing the Marketing of European Seabass andSeabream Products”. The overall objective of this work package is to design innovative marketing actions for the market development of European seabream and seabass farming industry, capitalizing on existing fish food health claims, increasing consumer confidence in the European seabass and seabream products and strengthening the competitiveness of the Mediterranean marine fish farming industry.

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