Turkey in the Eurofish Magazine

by Thomas Jensen

Capital  TurkeyCapital: Ankara

 PopPopulation: 78.74 million
(2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €720 billion  
(2015, Turkish Statistical Insitute) 

GDP/capita: €11,014 
      (2015, Turkish Statistical Institute)

Overview of the Turkish coverage in the Eurofish Magazine


Eurofish Magazine 6 2019

Page 23 Turkish aquaculture production approaches capture fisheries’ output – Black Sea salmon may be next success story
Page 28 Akvatek has expanded from a hatchery to a fish on-growing company – A rare producer of white grouper
Page 31 Sahlanlar specialises in crayfish, rainbow trout, and pike perch – Exporting live, fresh, and frozen products to
two continents
Page 34 Central Fisheries Research Institute, Trabzon – Applied research in fisheries and aquaculture
Page 36 Japan and Russia are important markets for Black Sea salmon – An increasingly popular salmonid
Page 38 Y. Denizer is a long-established fish wholesale merchant in Trabzon – Fifth generation prepares to take the reins
Page 40 Sastas Tapasmar specialises in marinated anchovy, and their popularity is growing – Sending Black Sea anchovy around the world
Page 42 Kuzuoglu Group pioneers Black Sea salmon exports – New processing plant to enhance product palette
Page 44 Sursan Su Urunleri AS: From fishing to fish feed to aquaculture – Building a completely integrated production cycle


Eurofish Magazine 1 2017

Page 30 Turkey seeks to reduce fish farming’s environmental footprint – New zones needed for aquaculture to expand
Page 35 Investors fund further expansion in Agromey – Seabass production set to increase
Page 37 Kilic Seafood adds tuna farming to its list of activities – Fresh and frozen exports to Japan
Page 40 Kocaman Balikcilik has mastered the uncertainty of production using raw materials from the wild – Sales increase by a tenth annually
Page 42 BioMar-Sagun has built a new fish feed factory – A game changer in the booming Turkish aquaculture industry
Page 44 Pakyurek processes and sells frozen seafood at home and abroad – Rapid growth on domestic market
Page 46 Özpekler plans its own feed production unit – Smoked trout for the German market
Page 48 Noordzee takes a step towards complete integration – Production starts at new feed factory


Eurofish Magazine 5 2015

Page 36 The fisheries and aquaculture sector in Turkey – Fewer fish in cages gives better prices
Page 39 Fish farming contributes to global nutrition as well as poverty alleviation – Industry must forge stronger links with consumers
Page 41 Agromey concentrates on whole or gutted seabass and seabream, and fillets – Doing a few things, but doing them well
Page 43 Akuvatur breeds uncommon species to unusual sizes – Seeking new markets in Europe
Page 45 Kiliç Seafood Company looks for opportunities overseas – Investments in Mauritania to secure fishmeal and fish oil supplies
Page 47 Kopuzmar seeks further certifications – Renewed focus on quality to ward of competitors
Page 49 More Aquaculture processes four fish species – Frozen fillets in several different formats
Page 51 Liman sees a bright future in trout farming and processing – Investments in cage farms to produce large trout
Page 53 Camli’s new packaging facility goes on stream – Making a serious effort to build a brand


Eurofish Magazine 2 2014

Page 34 Dr Durali Kocak, Director General, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock – Balancing fleet capacity with the resource is a priority
Page 37 Fisheries and aquaculture in Turkey – Emphasis on sustainability will pay off in the long term
Page 42 Hasan Girenes, President of Agriculture and Fisheries in Yasar Group – Defining a path to value creation
Page 44 Agromey owns a floating fish fillet factory – Processing operations on board a converted ferry
Page 46 Akua-Group fattens tuna for the Japanese market – An industry subject to international monitoring
Page 49 Akuvatur – vertical integration for higher quality – Commercial production of new species
Page 51 Camli is opening new markets – Pioneer of its sector
Page 53 Gümüsdoga focuses on reliability, quality – Over-production can expand market
Page 55 Kilic Holding concentrates more strongly on exports – Looking outwards for growth
Page 57 Kopuzmar focuses on margins to ensure its sustainability – High quality boutique production
Page 60 More Aquaculture – complies with all food safety standards – Frozen seabass fillets for international markets
Page 63 Turkish Aquaculture Farmers’ Central Union – Promoting sustainable aquaculture


Eurofish Magazine 1 2014

Page 30 Sursan Su Urunleri AS opened new facility in 2013 – Deploying technology to improve product quality

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