Denmark: Hørkram Foodservice hold semiannual trade fair with a new twist

by Eurofish
Fish display

Fish and seafood section of the show was, as always, very spectacular

Hørkram Foodservice A/S, one of the three largest Danish catering wholesalers and food-service suppliers, held one of its two annual fairs on 18-19 April in Copenhagen. The event attracted 4,000 visitors to meet about 200 different exhibitors, with all the well-known brands and many smaller, niche producers and suppliers.

For 50 years Hørkram Foodservice has provided a full range of seafood and many other dishes, and a full array of supplies, to everyone in the food service industry “whether a gourmet restaurant or a nursing home,” said a company official.


After decades of providing attendees with a large fair restaurant featuring a sumptuous buffet, Hørkram Foodservice decided to try a new twist this year —  a “street food” concept with smaller, lighter dishes. Street food is very popular in Copenhagen, for its affordability and convenience. For Hørkram Foodservice it was practical considerations—mainly a lack of space for a full-scale restaurant—that spurred the change, which also featured a rustic décor adorned with tulips and microgreens to add to the cloudless Spring weather. The concept proved very popular and will continue to be a part of their fairs held each year in Copenhagen and Fredericia.

In business for half a century, Hørkram Foodservice offers 30,000 unique items to the catering and food service industry. By long-standing tradition, this year’s second fair will be held in Fredericia, in south-central Jutland, on 4-5 October.

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