Italy:  A new Producer Organization for red shrimp will help protect a valuable Sicilian resource

by Eurofish
Red shrimp

The Gambero Rosso PO Blue Sea of Mazara del Vallo has been formed at the mouth of the Maraza River in southwestern Sicily, with the task of protecting the sustainability of the red shrimp resource and the economic life of the people who depend on it. The PO’s main focus, it says, is consumer involvement and education, teaching people about the entire production process from capture to display in the marketplace. The goal lies in teaching not just how to cook red shrimp, but also where it comes from—its natural environment and its fragile ecosystem, the importance of sustainable fishing, and conservation of the red shrimp stocks. The PO’s focus broadens to people, too: to ethics and social responsibility with regard to fishing.


We will transmit the history and development of this activity, says Maurizio Giacalone, president of the PO, the treatment reserved for our valuable personnel, the cutting-edge technologies always used with an eye on the blue economy, and the process of integration between the peoples of the Mediterranean that is recorded along the supply chain. All of this encourages the local community’s involvement in protecting their region’s valuable marine resources. This ensures the sustainability of red shrimp populations but also of the people and their traditional ways of life.

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