Croatia: City of Pula wins historic marine sustainability award

by Eurofish
Ancient Roman arena in the city of Pula

The Adriatic city of Pula in northwestern Croatia has won the world’s first Friend of the Sea Sustainable City Award. The award, granted by the Friend of the Sea project of the World Sustainability Organization, commends the honoree for actions that “preserve the environment and improve its citizens’ quality of life by embracing sustainable solutions.” The Pula Aquarium also received a Friend of the Sea award, for its efforts in advancing environmental awareness and animal welfare. The city’s renowned beach, Ambrela, is finalizing its award process. The city’s mayor, Filip Zoričić, has pledged to involve all stakeholders in the city, from citizens to companies of all types, to join in his environmental sustainability efforts. Among the implemented actions by the city are increased access for bicycles and e-bikes, conversion of buses to natural gas, modernization of waste management and storm drainage, and “smart benches” and charging stations in public areas. Planned efforts include more co-financing of energy-saving devices and solar panels.


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