Hungary in the Eurofish Magazine

by Thomas Jensen

CapitalCapital: Budapest Hungary

PopPopulation: 9,8 million 
(2018, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €124 billion
(2017, Eurostat)

EuroGDP/capita: 12 300
(2017, Eurostat)


Overview of the Hungarian coverage in the Eurofish Magazine


EUROFISH Magazine 1 2020

Page 39 The judicious use of natural resources: Aquaculture in Hungary contributes to biodiversity, flood management and environmental sustainability – Pond farming should be better acknowledgedPond farming should be better acknowledged
Page 41 Lillafüred Trout Farm has been producing since 1933 – Recirculation systems could double output
Page 42 Department of Aquaculture, Szent István University, Hungary – Bringing research results to the field



EUROFISH Magazine 1 2019

Page 22 Efforts by the administration, industry, and associations is bearing fruit – Fish consumption increases faster than predicted
Page 26 Hungary aims to increase the international competitiveness of pond fish farming – “Aquaculture and processing are of great importance”
Page 28 Innovative pond farming systems are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable – Integrated aquaculture off ers multiple benefits
Page 34 Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture (HAKI) – Pioneering work in freshwater farming
Page 37 Aranyponty is a pioneer of multifunctional fish ponds – A strong case for diverse income streams
Page 39 MA-HAL, the Hungarian Aquaculture and Fisheries Inter-branch Organisation – Defending the interests of the aquaculture sector
Page 41 Szarvas-Fish is Hungary’s largest African catfish producer – Exploiting demand for boneless fish flesh
Page 44 NACEE, the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Central-Eastern Europe – Bringing pond aquaculture stakeholders together
Page 45 With top quality products Elore Fishing Cooperative keeps pace in a competitive market – Adapting to fickle consumer needs
Page 48 Raising carp and African catfish in the middle of the Great Hungarian Plain – Using genetics for faster growth

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