Romania in the Eurofish Magazine

by Thomas Jensen

Capital  RomaniaCapital: Bucharest

PopPopulation: 19.76 million (2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €323 billion(2015, Eurostat)

GDP/capita €7,200 (2015, Eurostat)




Overview of the Romanian fisheries and aquaculture sector

Eurofish Magazine 6 2020

40 Science-based measures to support those affacted by climate change – Sustainable fishing and innovation can ameliorate impacts
42 Trout behind most growth in Romanian fish farming, but now mussel production may take off – Marine shellfish aquaculture receives official focus


Eurofish Magazine 2 2019

Page 35 Romanian EU Presidency will seek widespread backing for financial support for aquaculture sector – Contributing to the sustainability of fisheries
Page 37 Replacing EMFF grants with loans will not be popular with the sector – or the administration – The aquaculture sector needs support to develop
Page 40 Some of the challenges faced by fish farmers in Romania are gradually being addressed – Newly enacted legislation should remove barriers to Romanian fish farming
Page 43 Danube Caviar farms sturgeon for caviar, meat, and restocking – Combining commerce with research
Page 45 The restaurant Victorita Pescarita features dishes based on time-tested recipes – Promoting the benefits of fish and seafood
Page 46 The Romanian Fisheries Association focuses on improving the legal framework governing fish farming – Crafting aquaculture-friendly legislation
Page 48 Contributing to the sustainable development of fisheries communities – Danube delta FLAG submits 25 projects for approval
Page 50 Fish Culture Research and Development Station Nucet – New consultancy centre for fish farmers is launched
Page 52 Pelicanul Distribution expands its activities in a completely new direction – From architecture to aquaculture


Eurofish Magazine 6 2018

Page 51 Joint Hungarian-Romanian fisheries and aquaculture workshop – Joint event has suggestions for EMFF successor


Eurofish Magazine 4 2018 

Page 50 Aquaculture production disappoints, but expectations are high – Is European aquaculture rounding a corner?


Eurofish Magazine 6 2017

Page 26 Understanding the needs of the sector through stakeholders consultation – Dialogue leads to better legislation
Page 28 ANPA, the Romanian National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture – Boosting the potential of the sector
Page 30 EMFF support contributes to larger pond production – Farm sales of carp increase for fifth year running
Page 36 SC Aquator Halasz SRL – Building a market for African catfish in Romania
Page 38 Ocean Fish expands into the Republic of Moldova – Building new stores and a new factory in Eastern Europe
Page 41 SC Pirania SRL – Production increases but uncertainty threatens
Page 43 Quality Natural SRL – Traditional trout products with a twist
Page 45 Piscicola Adrian SA – Juggling conservation with commercial requirements
Page 47 The Braila FLAG – Putting EMFF support to good use
Page 50 Piscicola Botosani – Modern surveillance technology reduces poaching


Eurofish Magazine 6 2015

Page 38 Romania favours a unified approach by all riparian states that will secure the future of Black Sea stocks – Reliable data is critical to management
Page 41 The fisheries and aquaculture sector in Romania – New auction could trigger far reaching changes
Page 46 Lack of fishing capacity prevents Romania from utilising its rapana quota – Processing rapana for Korean buyers
Page 47 Sardafish supplies its restaurant with fish straight from the sea – Countless ways to eat Black Sea fish
Page 48 Fish Culture Research and Development Station Nucet – Using commercial activities to fund research
Page 50 FLAG Delta works to improve local economy and prevent migration – Helping fisher folk help themselves
Page 52 Serviciile Comerciale Romane SA gains EFF support for aquaculture production – Pioneer in cage farming for trout
Page 54 Baltic Marine Group has a semi intensive production – Supplying hypermarkets with live carp




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