Norway in the Eurofish Magazine

by Thomas Jensen

CapitalNorwayCapital: Oslo 

PopPopulation: 5.21 million (2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €243 billion (2015, Eurostat)

GDP/capita: €67,600 (2015, Eurostat)




Overview of the Norwegian coverage in the Eurofish Magazine

Eurofish Magazine 1 2020

Page 27 A decline in Norwegian consumption of seafood is being fought at several levels – Putting fish back on the menu
Page 32 High-tech and conventional methods for sea lice control – Salmon industry fighting its most persistent problem
Page 37 The Norwegian government provides incentives to boost the development of farming technology – Novel cage systems can be deployed off shore


Eurofish Magazine 3 2018

Page 41 Generic Marketing of Norwegian Seafood promotes the product and the country where it originates – Making seafood from Norway known around the world
Page 43 Solving the issues of sea lice and salmon escapes is a question of time – Improvements now need to be consolidated
Page 46 NASF 2018: The fish industry’s responsibility for global food supply is growing – Sustainable use of resources is the central guideline



Eurofish Magazine 3 2017

Page 49 Skrei has its own quality label – The world’s finest cod


Eurofish Magazine 1 2017

Page 54 Pharma Marine – Cod liver oil for everyday kitchen use
Page 55 Rimfrost – Top quality krill oil for heath products
Page 56 Vedde (Triple Nine Group) – Increased use of fish oil for human consumption


Eurofish Magazine 6 2016

Page 50 Legasea develops uses for fish waste – Marine ingredients have huge growth potential
Page 53 Eurofins – Quality inspection of biological marine products in just minutes
Page 54 Firmenich Bjørge Biomarin – Seafood-based flavour concentrates and aromas
Page 55 Marine Ingredients – Omega-3 oil concentrates for the booming healthcare market
Page 56 Møreforskning Group – Applied research for industry


Eurofish Magazine 3 2015

Page 38 Norway exemplifies the blue economy – Knowledge-based management is key to healthy and sustainable growth
Page 41 Committee recommends ways to secure the future of the fisheries sector – Greater freedom could give a more competitive industry


Eurofish Magazine 4 2013

Page 21 Norway seeks to become the world’s leading seafood nation – Strong focus on research, sustainability to propel the seafood industry


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