Albania in the Eurofish Magazine

by Thomas Jensen

Capital AlbaniaCapital: Tirana

 PopPopulation: 2.88 million
(2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €25 billion (2015, Eurostat)

GDP/capita: €3,600 (2015, Eurostat)



Overview of the Albanian coverage in the Eurofish Magazine


Eurofish Magazine 3 2020

Page 44 Capacity building for Blue Growth, and curriculum development for marine fisheries in Albania – Albanian fishers can soon earn international qualifications at home
Page 46 A prominent stakeholder in the Albanian inland fisheries displays its dynamism – New fish market should bring several benefits



Eurofish Magazine 5 2019

Page 34 Albania’s fisheries and aquaculture sector – Significant increase in output
Page 39 Within 24 hours of harvest Almarine delivers seabream to the Italian market – Major contributor to national aquaculture production
Page 41 Close collaboration between fishermen, hatchery, and inspectors benefits koran stocks – Ensuring a thriving koran population
Page 43 Fish Koral inaugurates a second factory in Kavaja near Durres – New facility doubles processing area


Eurofish Magazine 5 2017

Page 22 EU-compatible legislation has been approved and will now be implemented – The path to EU accession is a demanding one
Page 24 The Albanian fisheries and aquaculture sector – Perceptible progress in many fields
Page 29 Seabass and seabream production in Albania is likely to receive a boost – Established company finds new partners
Page 32 The Orikumi Lagoon supports a small-scale fishery – Traditional fishery could use a helping hand
Page 34 Vast new processing complex will boost product range and employment at Rozafa – Plans for canned products to be realised soon
Page 36 The inland fishery in the Shkodra Lake – Stocks benefit as fishermen-rangers reduce illegal fishing
Page 38 Forward-looking trout farmers invest heavily in infrastructure – Portion-sized trout for the national market 

Eurofish Magazine 5 2015

Page 16 Greater concern for the environment is a priority – Enforcement requires coordination across ministries
Page 18 The fisheries and aquaculture sector in Albania – Challenges abound, but are not insurmountable
Page 25 Rives produces a range of natural bio products based on traditional recipes – Looking for foreign investment to expand
Page 27 Laboratory for aquaculture and fishery, Agricultural University of Tirana – Albania’s only marine research laboratory
Page 30 Mare Adriatik aims to be Albania’s first exporter of mussels to Europe – Product lines based on mussels and small pelagics
Page 32 The Stacioni i Linit hatchery plays an important role in keeping koran stocks stable – Restocking eff orts maintain a valuable fishery
Page 34 Koral to start farming seabass and seabream – Diversifying into aquaculture production







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