Long-time favourite continues to set standards in feed delivery

by Thomas Jensen

A versatile and robust mechanical feeder

This article was featured in EUROFISH Magazine 1 / 2021.

A German company, FIAP offers a range of equipment for the aquaculture sector from sophisticated recirculation systems to hand-held nets.

An aquaculture farm whether on land or at sea is a rough environment and the equipment used needs to be tough and reliable if the farm is to operate successfully. FIAP’s Profifeed BeltFeeder is a mechanically driven automatic feeder that can be used in the most demanding environments to deliver feed or other inputs, such as medicines or additives, to the water. The material can take any form from dust to large pellets. The feeder is started manually and can be set to run for 4, 12, or 24 hours during which time it will steadily dispense the medium enabling extremely ef- ficient workflows.


A PRO model of the standard belt feeder offers further advantages

Many thousands of customers worldwide, from private users, to scientific institutes, to large fish farms have relied on FIAP Profifeed BeltFeeders for many years to achieve the best results. The popularity of the original model has led to the design of a professional version, the FIAP Profifeed BeltFeeder PRO, which, in addition to all the features of the standard model, offers an easy-to-remove drive shaft for maintenance and cleaning pur- poses. This is made of seawa- ter resistant aluminium and is therefore highly durable. Both models can be fitted with 3 kg or 5 kg cases to accommodate the medium. Although very sturdy pieces of equipment, regular and long-term usage does lead to wear and tear over time. This is normal and is easily remedied as every single part of the two belt feeders can be quickly and easily

replaced with a spare allow- ing them to continue to oper- ate reliably and economically. These feeders make an impor- tant contribution to the day-to- day operations on a fish farm and offer the best conditions for excellent growth rates. For more information, contact FIAP GmbH, +49 96 2892130, info@fiap.de or fiap.com

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