Newly opened processing facility produces trout for western markets

by Thomas Jensen

Rainbow trout being vaccinated on the Gümüşdoğa farm. The trout is destined for markets in Europe primarily as smoked fillets

Gümüşdoğa A.S was established by Mr. Halil Milas in 1995 with the first facility of seabass and seabream farms in the Bodrum area of Turkey. The farm production capacity was initially 80 tonnes per year, a figure that increased continuously to the current 10,000 tonnes per year.

In 1997 Gümüşdoğa established a fish feed plant. In addition, the company has 12 rainbow trout farms in Turkey. The first rainbow trout farm was built in 1999 in Fethiye area with a primary production of 250 tonnes per year. In 2011, output reached 6 000 tonnes per year. A new plant for rainbow trout processing was opened in October 2011. It ha an area of 4,500 sq m and employs 140 people.

The factory’s modern processing lines incorporate the latest technology. Raw materials come directly from the company’s own farms. The current average production varies from 5 to 7 tonnes per day. Rainbow trout is hot-smoked, and the products are filleted and vacuum packed in 125 g packages and then frozen. All products are IFS certified. 99% of the production is exported to the European countries, and Germany is the principal market for Gümüşdoğa rainbow trout products.

Gümüşdoğa trout smoking and processing factory
Güllük Karayolu, Güllük,  Milas, Muğla

Tel.: +90 252 536 6228 (in Turkish)

Director: Mustafa Harun Gümüsel

Activities: Production of farmed trout, seabass and seabream; fish feed; fish processing; exports

Products: Smoked trout fillets and frozen fish using rainbow trout from their own farms

Facilities: Processing plant, fish feed factory, trout hatchery

Volumes: 10,000 tonnes of seabass and seabream, 6,000 tonnes of trout

Markets: Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Turkey

Employees: 140

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